5 Weird Habits of People Who Get Paid to Write Articles

When you write articles online for money, you go through the motions that any other professional experiences. It is expected of you to adhere to deadlines and deliver quality content. That said, there are uncanny character traits that differentiate online freelance writers from other experts.

People who earn money writing content for the web, do not have official working hours. They also have no designated offices. Most of them work from their houses or homes, but any space on which a laptop can be placed is adequate to work from.

Perhaps it is the obsession with the Internet and detachment from society that creates these creepy creatures who get paid to blog. If you are one of them, you believe you have a normal life, filled with writing and moments of relaxation. Problem is, the rest of the world doesn’t think so. Some of your acquaintances can swear that you are insane.

This article is written from both experience and observation. If you are a new writer, take it with a pinch of salt; until it becomes your reality.

1. You perform optimally at night, competing with owls for space

For most people who get paid to write articles, life begins when the rest of the world goes to sleep. Like an animal that hunts at night, you spend most of the day catching up on lost sleep. Come darkness and owls become your rivals for nocturnal air. Your creative faculties seem to grow exponentially at night.

2. You tend to withdraw from society

Considering you and the rest of the world operate on a parallel basis, you are deemed a hermit. Hours of seclusion as you craft content and attempt to beat deadlines are interpreted as derision for other human beings. Very few people understand your conduct.

Unfortunately, when you write articles online for money, you enjoy being alone. You might as well become a recluse if you don’t change your schedule. Some people even think you left the neighborhood. Others conclude you transited to the world of your ancestors.

3. You detest crowds and noise

Years of writing will prove that this is a solitary profession. You need tranquility when working. Noise is unwelcome. People who take up space near you are a bother.

In essence, you find yourself uncomfortable when surrounded by people. You wish you were somewhere in a cabin or deserted beach. You crave a place where you can organize your thoughts and write without human interference.

4. Casual dressing becomes the norm when you get paid to blog

Being in suits and ties is the last thing you want to do. Unlike journalists and other technical writers, online freelance writers can work while in pajamas and aprons. Nobody will bother you if you write while in your birthday suit.

The only time you realize this is weird is when you are invited for an official function. You come to your ‘senses’ when your t-shirt and jeans are considered impolite or uncouth at a gathering. That’s when you remember you are still part of society.

5. You become ‘omniscient’

Since the day you discovered Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the like, nobody can challenge you. You feel that you are a genius of some kind because you write articles online for money. You carry yourself around with an air of superiority. Unfortunately, this aggravates your societal isolation.

You know something significant about almost any topic. By the time you go to see a physician, you have already Googled your symptoms. You are ‘sure’ of what is ailing you.

Luckily or unluckily, you are a somebody’s child, friend, spouse, relative, neighbor and so on. These people will pester you to create time for them. Take breaks on some nights to eat and laugh with your loved ones. Go on holiday with your family.

No need to worry

These are just a few occupational hazards for those who get paid to write articles. You will find a way to change your conduct for the better, in the long run. For now, that is the other side of your professional portrait.

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