Cooking Meals for Consumption and Writing Articles or Books for Consumption Have Similar Concepts

Reading a great book is soothing and relaxing to the soul, like eating a fine meal or enjoying your favorite comfort food. You want to come back again and again, not only to feed you, but to satiate your palate, or soothe your senses. When going out to eat, you have many places from where to select. You depend on your choice of establishment to provide the same great quality every time, without giving it a second thought. The same analogy can be made of following your favorite writer. You want to follow a writer that is consistently good at his craft.

Follow a writer that keeps the same consistent high- caliber of writing, a writer that has a great work ethic, and ability to transpire words into sentences that are fluid and easy reading. Be sure that your writer’s thoughts and text transposes and easily flows as you read on paper, or as you read on the Internet. And of course, we all want mental stimulation, in the form of reading good writing, and enjoy consuming great written text, much akin to the consumption of a good meal! Choose a good writer like you would choose a good restaurant. Ask for and get served the same quality every time you visit the establishment or writing forum. You come to get served in both places; your time is precious and writers and restaurants are in competition for your time, money and wish to serve you! If you feel that you can relate to a writer, you will seek their writing in earnest and maybe even depend on reading new passages from some of your favorite writers.

Reading is consuming text for mental stimulation. You want to fortify your body by what you consume and your mind by what you read. Reading material should be well written with carefully planned words, thoughts as if marinading a tried-and-true recipe that can be devoured by you, at your leisure. There are a lot of people who put writing out into the Universe that have no business writing at all! Their desire for money is stronger than their will to work hard and supply good, creative distinct content.

The choice is yours my friend, do you write because it is clearly your passion? Or, do you write as a con-artist seeking quick money, that’s until your audience realizes that you’ve not done your best effort on your content?

Writing is a right and also a privilege, especially noticed when someone reads or makes a comment about what you have written. The same can be said about painting, decorating, cooking or anything that you have created using your own time and imagination. Most good cooks will tell you that part of their reason for cooking is the ability to create, with passion; to place their creative stamp of originality, throughout the course of creating their dish, meal or masterpiece. The same can be said about writing! You are cooking, fermenting, tasting and marinading thoughts throughout the course of cultivating and baking your written creation.

Your writing content is going to be imbibed, absorbed, consumed and taste- tested by yourself first, and then, if it meets your quality standard or criteria, served to your audience for consumption. My suggestion to you writers is that you realize that everyone, beginning with yourself, wants to eat a fresh plate of manna and not a half-baked, left-over of what another writer has written, that was presented to your readers as your own recipe…

Any time is a fabulous time to write and share your thoughts with readers from around the world! As writers, we love to have a captive audience, one that appreciates our effort and the time that we donate on writing forums. And of course, the soothing release of heartfelt writing and organized verbiage expressed into the airwaves from writer to reader via the world wide web.

Make your content, judiciously showcase your name as the author at the end of engaging your readers into a few moments of what was unfolding in your thought process, by writing and sharing great articles or books one article, or book at-a-time!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously! **Writing especially for you, inspiring heartfelt passages daily!~

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